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Circumcision Surgery

What is the foremost question we ask before we proceed with Circumcision? 

What is Circumcision?

what is the procedure and how is it performed.

How is Circumcision Surgery Performed?

Different measures such as stapler or laser etc.

Quick FAQs about Circumcision

Everything you need to ask.

Meet the Head of Department

Meet the best Circumcision Doctor in Delhi, Dr Vineet Malhotra

Types of Circumcision

Stapler, laser and ZSR all types available.

Precautions & Benefits

How to take care post-surgery and what are the benefits.

About Circumcision Surgery in Delhi

Circumcision Surgery is performed for penis foreskin removal in adults or in children. This surgery is performed for religious beliefs, to treat various diseases such as tight foreskin, and for a better cosmetic appearance as well. After circumcision surgery, there is a lower risk of urinary and sexually transmitted diseases. The penis area heals within a week after circumcision surgery. It can be carried out at any age, right from an infant to an older adult. However, if the family plans to circumcise their child then the best age for circumcision is when the child is less than 1 year old. It is known to prevent any complications.  For the best circumcision surgery in Delhi, Book an appointment with Dr. Vineet Malhotra today. 

How Circumcision Surgery is Performed?

First of all, the penis area and the foreskin are cleaned completely to omit any chances of infection. After that, anesthesia is provided to the patient to make the experience of circumcision completely painless. After that, the foreskin is removed by either the ZSR stapler or by laser as per the choice of the patient. After which the bandaging is applied and the patient can go home afterward. The Patient can urinate normally after the treatment.

Quick FAQs about Circumcision Surgery

The cost of circumcision surgery in Delhi is based on the type of procedure you choose. As there are many types of circumcision surgery such as ZSR circumcision, Laser circumcision, stapler circumcision etc.

Dr. Vineet Malhotra is the best doctor for circumcision surgery in Delhi. He is the most admired and well-known urologist in Delhi.

No, It is an outpatient procedure for adults. However, more care needs to be taken in case of circumcision in children. The reasons behind circumcision surgery can be any such as religious beliefs, medical reasons, etc.

It is advised to get circumcision surgery in children before the age of 1 year. The chances of complications are low and healing is faster.

Meet the Head of Department & the Team

Types of Circumcision Surgery

  • ZSR Circumcision – Also known as stapler circumcision surgery as ZSR is a stapler. It is one of the fastest ways to perform circumcision. After cleaning the area and giving anesthesia to the patient. After that, the dimension of the circumcision area is determined before actually performing the surgery. This ensures great results. Then the stapler is applied to the penis. The stapler then removes the foreskin with a click. It also seals the skin edges with a silicone ring around the penis. This ring ensures good cosmetic results and prevents any bleeding. The ring falls off after a week. Due to the measurement by the ZSR stapler, the cosmetic result is exceptional with ZSR circumcision. The patient can then go home after taking rest for a few hours. 
  • Laser Circumcision – Laser Circumcision is another latest and fastest technology for circumcision treatment. It is also a painless and bloodless surgery. In this surgery, the foreskin removal is done by laser by the urologist. It takes just a few minutes and the patient can go home the same day. Laser circumcision surgery also offers great results.

Precautions and Benefits of Circumcision Surgery

When you are under the care of such an experienced orthopedic surgeon like Dr Abhishek Mishra, complications are highly unlikely. However, some complications that may arise in knee replacement surgery patients are infection, any issue with the implant, blood clot, pain, etc. These complications are quite uncommon when you are under the care of an experienced joint replacement specialist, Dr Abhishek Mishra. Don’t forget to inform the hospital if you notice any fever, chills, swelling, or discharge from the surgical site. 

Handling Rehabilitation

Precautions to Be Taken After Circumcision Surgery

  • Always clean your hands properly before touching the operated area.
  • You can take bath the next day but keep the cut clean and dry after that.
  • Use only the prescribed ointment till the wound heals that is for a week. 
  • You must avoid any sexual activity or sports activity till the healing is over which is 3 weeks.
  • Local anesthesia is generally preferred as general anesthesia extends the hospital stay and has many pre and post-op considerations. However, if you don’t want to stay awake during the procedure, then general anesthesia is given.
  • In case of circumcision in a child, the area should be carefully washed and dried.
  • Although it’s normal to have some swelling and soreness for one or two days if anything raises concern then feel free to call us at 9810085849 to ask any post-op questions. 

Benefits of Circumcision Surgery in Delhi by Dr Vineet Malhotra

  • Patients with Peyronie’s disease, phimosis, balanitis, foreskin tightness, and other foreskin-related issues are also benefitted from this circumcision surgery. 
  • Frenulum Tear patients also get permanent relief from the problem by getting the circumcision surgery done. 
  • There is no side-effect of circumcision surgery on pleasure, sensations on the penis, erection, sexual performance, fertility, and sex drive. 
  • Circumcision reduces the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases or STDs considerably. As the bacterias reside in the folds of the foreskin in most cases. The removal of the foreskin makes the cleaning of genital areas quite easier. 

For the best circumcision surgery in Delhi, Book an Appointment with Dr Vineet Malhotra here or call us at 9810085849.

Patient Stories

Some Kind Words

Our Sincere Gratitude

Appreciation from our Patients and their Full Recovery are our Accolades. Here are a few kind words from our patients after they got their treatment/surgery done by Dr Vineet Malhotra and Dr Abhishek Mishra. 

So good hospital..Dr Abishek Mishra is Best doktor.. thanks all staff .all is Best'...
Yogesh Singh
Yogesh Singh
Not only are we sorted without doubt about my wife's hernia treatment we are happy with the charges as well.
vicky gulero
vicky gulero
I was at the bank opposite to VNA hospital when I suffered with an injury due to a fall, the bank guards and some helpful folks got me here, the general surgeon Dr. GARG promt in giving me a treatment for the cut I got.
Mahi Singh
Mahi Singh
Very happy with my kidney stone treatment. I got laser RIRS done from him. Very satisfied 😊
Asban Shaikh
Asban Shaikh
Excellent place for Malviya nagar and south Delhi, we needed such a place which is clean and not cramped. Wonderful staff and polite doctors came for my fracture treatment with dr Abhishek Kumar Mishra who has excellent diagnostic skills with comprehensive support and treatment
Satendra Kushwah
Satendra Kushwah
A good hospital with excellent facility in malviya nagar
Anurag Saraswat
Anurag Saraswat
Best hospital for the treatment n best care for the patient a part from that Dr vineet is a great human being...!
Neha Saraswat
Neha Saraswat
Nice Hospital, Dr Vineet is a very nice doctor and his hospital staff behavior is also very polite.

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