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Best Shoulder Replacement Surgeon in Delhi

Best Shoulder Replacement in Delhi

Looking for the best shoulder replacement surgeon in Delhi? Get yourself treated by the best joint replacement doctor in Delhi, Dr Abhishek Mishra

What are the Symptoms?

Symptoms that tell you that you may need a shoulder replacement surgery.

How is the Diagnosis done?

Diagnosis is based on the diagnostic imaging and symptoms of the patient.

Quick FAQs about Shoulder Replacement

Frequently asked questions by our shoulder replacement surgery patients.

Meet the Head of Department

Meet Dr Abhishek Mishra, the head of the department of orthopedics surgery.

Understand the Procedure

Understand how shoulder replacement surgery is done.

Handling Complications

The complications related to shoulder replacement surgery are discussed.

Handling Rehabilitation

How many days of rehabilitation will you need post your arthroplasty.

Joint Replacement Stories

See what our joint replacement surgery patients have to say.

Plan your Shoulder Replacement

Let's meet and discuss if shoulder replacement surgery is an option for you.

What are the Signs that I need Shoulder Replacement?

  • Severe Shoulder Arthritis
  • The patient is unable to perform overhead activities and daily activities efficiently
  • Avascular Necrosis in the bones of the shoulder 
  • Continuous Pain in Shoulder 
  • The patient has to take painkillers for shoulder pain quite often
  • My shoulder feels stiff and the movements are not smooth
  • Patients who have any bone tumor, severe rheumatoid arthritis, etc are also the candidates for Shoulder Replacement Surgery
  • Severe Trauma to the shoulder also needs shoulder replacement surgery for a better quality of life 

What Diagnostic tests are done before shoulder replacement Surgery?

The diagnosis of the condition is based on the severity of the symptoms of the patient. After that, diagnostic imaging is performed such as x-ray, MRI and CT scan, etc. The condition of the joint is accessed and the treatment options are given to the patient. 

Quick FAQs about Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Delhi

It depends upon the type of shoulder replacement surgery performed and the hospital stay. In most patients, the insurance covers the cost of shoulder replacement surgery.

 The success rate of shoulder replacement is quite high and the patients report no pain and ease to perform activities of daily living. Most patients go back to work after two weeks.

Yes, it comes under major surgeries and you need to stay at the hospital for about 2 to 3 days. After that, you can go home and can come for follow-ups. 

Typically patients between 60 to 80 years of age get shoulder replacement done due to severe arthritis. However, it can be performed at a young age as well due to trauma or avascular necrosis.

Meet the Best Shoulder Replacement Surgeon in Delhi

Understand the Shoulder Replacement Procedure

Shoulder Replacement Surgery is performed when the shoulder pain doesn’t get treated by any of the conservative measures. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint in which the ball is the head of the humerus (arm) and the socket is the glenoid cavity in the scapular bone. In the surgery, an incision is made in the front of the shoulder and the bone is exposed. The head of the humerus is removed and is replaced with a press-fit metal implant. The other surface of the joint which is the shoulder bone (glenoid cavity) is shaved and made smooth to fix the plastic or polyethylene socket. Both implants are fixed and the incision is closed. 


There are three types of shoulder replacement surgeries – 

  • Partial Shoulder Replacement – In this surgery, only the head of the humerus is replaced and the glenoid cavity is kept as it is. It is done when the glenoid cavity is intact. 
  • Total Shoulder Replacement  – Both the joint surfaces are replaced by metal and plastic components.
  • Reverse Shoulder Replacement – In case of previous implant failure or chronic rotator cuff tear, reverse shoulder replacement surgery is performed. Both the surfaces are replaced but the ball and socket components are reversed. It gives better rehabilitation chances to severe arthritis patients. 


Dr Abhishek Mishra is an expert in shoulder replacement surgery in Delhi. He has more than 17 years of experience in joint replacement surgeries including knee replacement, hip replacement, and elbow replacement surgeries. You can book an appointment with him here

Handling Complications

When you are under the care of such an experienced joint replacement surgeon like Dr Abhishek Mishra, complications are highly unlikely. However, some complications that may arise in Shoulder replacement surgery patients are infection, any issue with the implant, blood clot, pain, etc. These complications are quite uncommon when you are under the care of an experienced joint replacement specialist, Dr Abhishek Mishra. Please inform the hospital if you notice any fever, chills, swelling, or discharge from the surgical site. 

Handling Rehabilitation after Shoulder Replacement


Physical therapy is an integral part of recovery after shoulder replacement surgery. After joint replacement, physiotherapy exercises are started to ensure early rehabilitation. After two days, the patient will be discharged from the hospital. 

The shoulder will be kept in a sling and only removed for exercises. The sling is removed after 2-3 weeks and further strengthening exercises are advised. The patient can join his/her desk job after 2 weeks or so. Physiotherapy is continued for 2 months and the normal range of motion and strength is achieved. The patient can live a pain-free normal life after that. 

Advantages of Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery in Delhi by Dr Abhishek Mishra 


  • Faster Recovery
  • No Plaster Cast, only sling for 2 weeks after surgery
  • Full shoulder movements 
  • Resume daily activities and desk job after 2 weeks


Joint Replacement Stories

Some Kind Words

Our Sincere Gratitude

Appreciation from our Patients and their Full Recovery are our Accolades. Here are a few kind words from our patients after they got their treatment/surgery done by Dr Vineet Malhotra and Dr Abhishek Mishra. 

So good hospital..Dr Abishek Mishra is Best doktor.. thanks all staff .all is Best'...
Yogesh Singh
Yogesh Singh
Not only are we sorted without doubt about my wife's hernia treatment we are happy with the charges as well.
vicky gulero
vicky gulero
I was at the bank opposite to VNA hospital when I suffered with an injury due to a fall, the bank guards and some helpful folks got me here, the general surgeon Dr. GARG promt in giving me a treatment for the cut I got.
Mahi Singh
Mahi Singh
Very happy with my kidney stone treatment. I got laser RIRS done from him. Very satisfied 😊
Asban Shaikh
Asban Shaikh
Excellent place for Malviya nagar and south Delhi, we needed such a place which is clean and not cramped. Wonderful staff and polite doctors came for my fracture treatment with dr Abhishek Kumar Mishra who has excellent diagnostic skills with comprehensive support and treatment
Satendra Kushwah
Satendra Kushwah
A good hospital with excellent facility in malviya nagar
Anurag Saraswat
Anurag Saraswat
Best hospital for the treatment n best care for the patient a part from that Dr vineet is a great human being...!
Neha Saraswat
Neha Saraswat
Nice Hospital, Dr Vineet is a very nice doctor and his hospital staff behavior is also very polite.

Plan your Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Delhi

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