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Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi

What is the foremost question we ask before we proceed with Infertility Treatment? Do you need a surgical procedure or not? 

What are the Causes of infertility in Males?

The reasons behind infertility in males.

How is the Diagnosis done?

Which diagnostic studies are required to reach the diagnosis.

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What are the Causes of Infertility in Males?

  • Higher age of marriage and conception – The trend of marriages in the ’30s is also responsible for this male infertility. As the sperm count and quality tend to decrease with age. 
  • Faulty Lifestyle – The stressful job, Unhealthy dietary habits, no exercise, excessive weight, smoking, and drinking are all examples of a faulty lifestyle. These also contribute to infertility. Excessive Soya, trans fat, processed meat, and full-fat dairy products are known to cause male infertility as well.
  • Reduced or Absent Sperm Count – When the man’s semen has a low variety of sperm or the absence of sperms then it is known as oligospermia or azoospermia respectively. 
  • Drug and Alcohol Usage – If the patient is taking any steroids, opioids, or other forms of drugs then it decreases the sperm count considerably. Excessive consumption of alcohol can create hormonal imbalance like lower testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction as well.
  • Low Sperm Motility – The capacity of the sperm to travel and reach the ovary of the woman is referred to as sperm mobility. When sperm movement is low then the possibility of making your partner pregnant reduces as well. 
  • Sperm Release/Ejaculation in the Opposite direction or Retrograde Ejaculation – the sperm flow inside instead of flowing outside through the urethral opening.
  • Varicocele – When the veins inside the scrotum are inflamed, it is known as varicocele. This prevents the free flow of sperm due to tortuous veins thus resulting in infertility in males.
  • Erectile Dysfunction – ED or erectile dysfunction is one of the most common causes of infertility in males nowadays. Erectile dysfunction is the problem in initiating and maintaining a hard erection that is required for successful intercourse. This is one of the leading causes of infertility. 
  • Blockage in the way of Sperms/ obstructive azoospermia – Sometimes there is an obstruction in the flow of sperms which can be due to any kind of swelling, surgical procedure, repeated infections, or hereditary. This is another common reason for low or zero sperm count.
  • Immunologic Infertility – In immunologic infertility, a man’s body makes antibodies that attack his own sperm. This is an uncommon cause of infertility.
  • Chromosomes Changes in the number and structure of chromosomes can affect fertility. For example, if the male Y chromosome has some defect then it can lead to problems in making the partner pregnant. 
  • Surgeries in the pastMen with prior surgeries like testicular surgeries, hernia, rectal cancers, etc are known to have higher chances of infertility.
  • Infection in the genital area – If there are recurrent infections in the genital area, then it can affect the quality of sperm and their movement as well. 
  • Hormonal Imbalance – In case of any testosterone deficiency, FSH imbalance, fertility is also affected. 
  • Spinal injury or Paralysis – In the case of spinal injuries, the patient is not able to ejaculate due to spinal damage. Electroejaculation works best in such conditions to make the patient ejaculate. The sperms are then used in IUI or IVF procedures. 
  • Vasectomy – Vasectomy is the surgery of sterilization that makes the person infertile. In case of remarriage or change in child planning, the vasectomy reversal procedure is performed to make the male fertile again. 

How is the Diagnosis done?

  • Semen Analysis – You will need to ejaculate in a cup after masturbation to get your semen analysis done. The semen analysis will provide details about your sperm volume, count, movement, and shape of the sperm.
  • Testicular BiopsyA small piece of tissue from each testicle is removed after giving local anesthesia. The tissue is then studied under a microscope. The biopsy helps find the cause of infertility and it can collect sperm for use in IVF or IUI procedures. 
  • Hormonal StudyAny abnormality in hormonal levels also contributes to male infertility. So some blood tests are performed to check for the male hormones. 
  • Ultrasound  – A scrotal ultrasound is performed to rule out a varicocele or other problems in testicles and supporting structures.
  • Chromosome Testing – The test reveals if there are changes in the Y chromosome – it’s a sign of genetic abnormality.

Quick FAQs about Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi

Your infertility treatment is based on the reason behind your infertility. If you have already got your tests done, then you can book an online appointment with Dr. Vineet Here. 

No, these are daycare procedures so you can go home the exact same day.

No, In every procedure, anesthesia is used to ensure a painless sperm retrieval.

This is an outpatient procedure so you will be up and about till evening.

Yes. Research shows that consistent smoking affects sperm quality and motility.

Yes. Steroids can cause hormonal imbalance and thereby low sperm count.

Meet the Head of Department & the Team

Treatment Options for Best Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi

Around 23 percent of males in India face the problem of infertility. Male infertility is the inability to make their partner pregnant even after one year of unprotected sex. Male infertility is increasing in India and male infertility treatment must be taken as early as possible. Infertility in males is more than 50 percent of all infertility cases worldwide.  So if the female partner’s reports are normal then Male infertility is the most likely cause of delayed pregnancy. However, some analysis tests are required to find out the cause behind it and to find out the cause in the male reproductive system. The most common reason is the quality and quantity of sperm. Sperm may not grow fully, be badly shaped, not move the right way (retrograde ejaculation), are low in number (oligospermia), not present at all (azoospermia) or there can also be an obstruction in the way of sperms (obstructive azoospermia). Most of these problems are treatable and the female partner can get pregnant with or without the use of assisted reproduction techniques like IVF, IUI, etc. Dr Vineet Malhotra is the best doctor for male infertility treatment in Delhi as he is an expert in all the non-surgical and surgical treatments. You can book an appointment with the best andrologist in Delhi, Dr Vineet Malhotra here

  • Medicines – Some problems related to male infertility are dealt with by medications only. Those that fail to get treated by medicine are treated by other treatment options based on the reason behind their infertility. Medicines are given to increase the blood supply in genital areas and to treat testosterone deficiency. 
  • Lifestyle Changes – Exercise, weight loss advice, and Dietary advice is also given to the patients who have unexplained infertility without any pathology.
  • Electroejaculation – The spinal cord injury patients are unable to ejaculate the sperms on their own. For them, electroejaculation is the best method to take out the sperms without any surgery. In this treatment, the sperms are ejaculated by creating sine waves in the anus by a probe. The sperm is then collected and used for either IUI or IVF or other assisted reproduction techniques etc.
  • Retrograde Ejaculation Treatment by TESE or Micro TESE – Micro TESE or micro Testicular Sperm Extraction is a way to harvest sperm from testicles. The retrograde ejaculation patients have pockets of sperms in their testicles. So after giving general anesthesia to the client, these small pockets from the testicles are removed. The sperms are then collected from these testicular pockets. These are then used in IUI or IVF pregnancy treatments.
  • PESA –In Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA), the sperms are aspirated by inserting a needle in the epididymis. 
  • TESA – Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA) involves aspirating the sperms from the testicles by inserting a needle. 
  • Varicocele Treatment 
  • Vasectomy Reversal Surgery 
  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatments – Erectile Dysfunction or ED means the inability to either initiate or sustain the erection that is required for successful sexual intercourse. The treatment of erectile dysfunction ranges from medicines, injections to penile implants. Dr. Vineet Malhotra is an expert in Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Delhi. 
  • Micro VEA for Obstructive AzoospermiaMicroscopic VEA is the Microscopic repair of VAS deferens in obstructive azoospermia. It is the best procedure for this problem and also has the best possible outcomes. Obstructive azoospermia is surgically correctable by a vaso-epididymal anastomosis (VEA) operation. It leads to a good sperm flow in more than 45% of patients. 

Why Choose Dr Vineet Malhotra for Best Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi?

Dr Vineet Malhotra is a well-known and very reputed andrologist in Delhi. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of urology, sexology, and andrology. He is a renowned doctor for all delicate and complicated surgical procedures like varicocelectomy, TESE, micro VEA, penile implants, RIRS for kidney stones, etc. You can book an appointment with Dr. Vineet Malhotra here

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So good hospital..Dr Abishek Mishra is Best doktor.. thanks all staff .all is Best'...
Yogesh Singh
Yogesh Singh
Not only are we sorted without doubt about my wife's hernia treatment we are happy with the charges as well.
vicky gulero
vicky gulero
I was at the bank opposite to VNA hospital when I suffered with an injury due to a fall, the bank guards and some helpful folks got me here, the general surgeon Dr. GARG promt in giving me a treatment for the cut I got.
Mahi Singh
Mahi Singh
Very happy with my kidney stone treatment. I got laser RIRS done from him. Very satisfied 😊
Asban Shaikh
Asban Shaikh
Excellent place for Malviya nagar and south Delhi, we needed such a place which is clean and not cramped. Wonderful staff and polite doctors came for my fracture treatment with dr Abhishek Kumar Mishra who has excellent diagnostic skills with comprehensive support and treatment
Satendra Kushwah
Satendra Kushwah
A good hospital with excellent facility in malviya nagar
Anurag Saraswat
Anurag Saraswat
Best hospital for the treatment n best care for the patient a part from that Dr vineet is a great human being...!
Neha Saraswat
Neha Saraswat
Nice Hospital, Dr Vineet is a very nice doctor and his hospital staff behavior is also very polite.

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